How to travel to poland?

How to Travel to Poland on a Budget
Poland offers an array of historical landmarks, captivating nature and bustling cities that make it a great holiday destination no matter the season. But before you head there, it’s essential to be informed on what to expect.
Europe may not be without risks, but thankfully Poland is less crime-ridden than some former Soviet states. Here are some tips for traveling safely in Poland.
Krakow is an ideal destination to experience Poland’s stunning historic sites and culture. Its Old Town was one of the first-ever UNESCO World Heritage Sites, boasting medieval streets and market squares that rival any in Europe.
The Main Market Square or Rynek Glowny, is a must-visit destination in Warsaw. Here you’ll find some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and attractions – from Renaissance-styled Cloth Hall to St Mary’s Basilica and Royal Route! There’s so much more to discover here!
For an immersive history lesson, visit the Rynek Underground museum. This captivating narrative tells the story of how the city developed beneath a medieval market square.
In addition to the aforementioned sites, you can take a boat tour on the Vistula River for an unparalleled perspective of Warsaw and its iconic landmarks. Or visit Zalipie village – a fairytale-like wooden settlement with brightly painted houses and flowers inside!
Gdansk, Poland’s Baltic coast port city, is one of Europe’s hidden treasures. Drawn to its vibrant medieval architecture, stunning natural splendor and reasonable prices, thousands of tourists visit Gdansk each year.
On a single day, you can explore some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Start with Long Street, lined with medieval buildings. At one end of the street, you’ll come across Main Town Hall – an intriguing Gothic-Renaissance structure boasting an eye-catching bell tower.
Once you’ve explored the inside of this iconic landmark, climb its tower for stunning views of the city. Plus, check out their art collection on display – an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with local culture.
Gdansk’s fortress is a must-see attraction that provides insight into Poland’s past. It was the site of the initial event of World War II – German troops striking against a Polish military post at Westerplatte.
If you’re on a budget when visiting Poland, consider taking public transport or renting a bike. Couchsurfing can also save on accommodation costs and connect you with an experienced local who can assist in navigating the country.
Warsaw is a city rich with culture and historical landmarks. Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Castle Square, Old Town, and Praga District on your next trip!
On the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science you can take in stunning panoramas of the city. Plus, there are plenty of concerts and theater shows that showcase Polish art at its finest.
The Vistula River, one of Europe’s largest, runs through Warsaw’s heart with natural banks inhabited by wild fowl. On weekends this area becomes a hub of activity with trendy bars and clubs, inviting bistros, and outdoor events that draw both locals and visitors alike. You can even take a cruise down the water to admire Warsaw from above!
Many tourists flock to Krakow and Warsaw, but Poznan deserves more than just a quick stopover. Take this 3-day itinerary to discover both its highlights and hidden gems in this Polish city.
Begin your exploration in Stary Rynek, the Old Town. Here, you can take in stunning buildings and architecture as well as a medieval pillory and renowned museum.
Another must-see is Renaissance Town Hall, once an administrative building now housing the city’s museum. Be sure to arrive around noon for a unique daily ritual: two billy goat figures butting heads.
Experience the city’s historic architecture from above on the roof of the Museum of Applied Arts. This must-visit attraction offers an unforgettable view of vibrant old townhouses.

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